Time in Cardiff:

more Funny Quotes

Tattyjacket's Tunebook.

'tis often I'm found at the end of the street

with dozens of dancers there at my feet.

I play them a tune to keep them all dancing,

skip step, or galley or high caper prancing.

So what do you do when they call for a tune?

Old Molly from Oxford? Roses in June?

They all sound the same to untrained ear-holes.

But it's got to be right for cultural souls.

They give not a jot for the poor musician.

A jig or the reel or an old composition?

The names change daily from hamlet to village

changed by the beer and some cider spillage.

Here, they're collected in jolly fine order!

The tops from South Wales and over the border.

They sound great with Morris, some are just nice,

great for musicians in need of advice.

Backgrounds by Marie